Who We Are

Functional Brands Supplements is the contract manufacturing arm of Kirkman®, a manufacturer of pure, clean supplements since 1969. We have been manufacturing the same quality supplements for business partners for about a decade in our FDA-Registered, cGMP-Certified facility in Lake Oswego, OR.

Kirkman is a nutraceutical company that is dedicated to providing excellent products and services to its customers. As an industry leader, they recognize their special duty to maintain the highest level of scientific excellence in the research and development of their products for their customers. They are known for delivering some of the cleanest and purest supplements available today.

Our goal is to offer the purest, most up-to-date, and highest quality dietary supplements for children, adults, and people with dietary sensitivities and special requirements. We work with leading researchers, doctors, and scientists to develop these products with the best balance of nutrients, in dosages that are easy to administer. The majority of our products are free of the nine ingredients the FDA has identified as major food allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, and sesame) and are hypoallergenic — free of the additives such as colorings and flavorings to which many consumers are sensitive.

We take great pride in being a leading provider of dietary supplements to people with dietary sensitivities. Our unique position to significantly affect the lives of our customers with effective products inspires us to maintain the highest level of scientific excellence in the research, development, and manufacture of our supplements.